Our Story


Magdalene began as a quarantine project in the summer of 2020. Crammed in a 4'x3' corner of my & my husband's first apartment together, I accepted a Duke Divinity School classmate's challenge to sew a clergy dress. Why not? The long hot empty days invited my sewing machine out of its dusty box. One look at my friend in her clergy dress was enough: I was hooked. Three years later, Magdalene is my livelihood.

Perhaps one day you and I will meet at a coffee shop or conference and I can tell you about my childhood in Christian fundamentalism, my first Sunday ever seeing a woman preach, my constant surprise at God's generous love. Perhaps we can swap stories about rediscovering Mary Magdalene and seeing ourselves in clergy collars for the first time and singing old hymns to little children. Until then, thank you for visiting. I'm so happy you're here.